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Our Services

Service charges imposed by www.onlinesupercross.net provide the accessibility to access the places, estimation and commendation of our personal software products which is not available on the internet. We also provide technical support for the installation of our product. Tough we can't assure you about downloading speed performance or the availability of definite files for downloading on the byte to byte network. For good services, you need to be responsible for maintaining and preserving. Your computers, soft ware's, firewall configurations and also your right communication tools are required to use the services. www.onlinesupercross.net doesn't link with any broadcasting channels and we don't claim to be the broadcaster of any company. No any charges required


We provide trial of our premium streaming service in just 1USD which is valid for 24hours ( 1USD is non refundable). After 24hours you will be charged according to your selected plan or package, to cancel the service you will need to contact with our support team members via email, chat supports, ticket and contact us so you will be not charged for the selected plan or package. If user will ask refund after second charge they will get partially or half refund. In some case if our team doesnt reply of your cancellation with in 24 hour and user gets charge then company will provide you complete refund.

(Customer Care support)

www.onlinesupercross.net provides 24/7 live support to customers, whereas we provide email and live ticket support for the services and software. Here www.onlinesupercross.net has no conditions or no any compulsion to provide hard-copy of documentation, amelioration, augmentation, modulation or other any support. Inside the registration area, we provide apparent online forums where members can submit complain or ask questions. In FAQ section you can find out your answers of all general issues, in case of any other issue you can directly contact our live ticket support system. Our customer care centre team will notify your complain and guide you step by step to help you resolve your issue.


www.onlinesupercross.net update site time to time. The reasons of these efforts are to maintain the site according t o the latest versions. Nevertheless, some technical issues or scheduled site repairing, may the cause the inconvenience or deciduous service intercurrence. As well as www.onlinesupercross.net reserves the rights of amendment, temporary or eternally termination of any section of services with or without notification. Here you must AGREE that www.onlinesupercross.net will not be responsible for any addressed or unaddressed penalty of any change, postponement, disconnection or deciduous service intercurrence.


In this we are described, that we have our licensors and our own the intellectual property rights within the site and data on the website. All licenses are described below.

All TV channels will be copyrighted by their respective owners. We do not broadcast any TV channel on this website all channels are freely available on internet. We do not give any surety or promises in our service and do not take any responsibility for customer's actions. We are not Affiliate and do not claim to be an affiliate with any of the owner's video/streams which will be played on our site. All content is copyrighted of their respective owners.

We request all copyright owners, to make sure that links which are available inside of their site are placed another websites. The embedded link points to the location of the video on the internet. Please direct all copyright violation problems to the companies which host these files. In this we described, that we have our licensors and our own the intellectual property rights within the site and data on the website. All licenses are described below.

All copyrighted TV channels are personal of owner/All TV channels will be copyrighted by their respective owners. We do not broadcast any TV channel on this website all channels are freely available on internet. We will not give any surety or promises in our service and do not take any responsibility for customer actions. We are not Affiliate and not claim as an affiliate with any of the owner's video/streams which played on our site. All content is copyright of their respective owners.

We are request all copyright owners, to identify/make sure that links which are available inside on their site are placed another websites. The embedded link points to the location of the video on the internet. Please direct all copyright violation problems to the companies that host these files.

Affirmative Evidence

Here you must be AGREE that:

You will not upload, send, spread, email any content or stuff which is fake, inaccurate, illegal, dangerous, violent or encompassing someone�s privacy, libelous.

If so then you must be objectionable and Question Able as well.

Don't contravene third party�s domain property

We don't use any illegal data which contains harmful viruses, Trojan horses, malware, untrusted files, or such type of software or program which specially designed for wipe out the features of any PC, or other electrical equipment.


Once you access our site, our server will deliver a number of cookies on your pc. So that will be able to manage your browser to trace from cookies. In automatically addition when you'll visit our site, our server will record all data which is delivering by your browser. Your browser will automatically provide us data about your system like language, type of the pc, operating system which you are using and your IP address and from which recent page you have been redirects. It is identifiable data that is automatically captured by computers when communication links are created over the Internet. Additionally we will accumulate data from third parties regarding you which have authority to display such data to us.

For the sake of privacy policy, we prevent the illegal access; preserve content corrigibility and verify information provided by customers. The data or other information we gather online, will be kept in a place presentable, electronical, and executive procedures to make secure the all information. We also provide you possible accessibility to manage your personal info which we gather online. You can access your info by emailing or contacting our customer care centre. You'll be responsible if any error arises during the verification of your identity.

www.onlinesupercross.net dispenses your personal INFO with third party; our intention is to introduce you with their products, which you might be looking for. We comply our privacy rule and the applicable laws. If you don't want to receive any promotional email from us then you can unsubscribed by clicking the below link in email.

Our website provides links to exterior sites. www.onlinesupercross.net doesn't spy or organize the material of exterior sites; either few sites may gather or use your personal INFO. Whenever you'll click one of those links, you'll automatically redirect on their website and leave our site. In such case we'll not be responsible. www.onlinesupercross.net postulates no responsibility about the exterior site's stuff or policies, few of them may ask you to review their separate privacy policy. We are clear in our polices which indicated that we are just responsible for our rules and policies, in case of other sites that offer you something differ from us then it�s on you that how you handle that matter.


www.onlinesupercross.net keeps the charter to variance these conditions & terms occasionally at its sole outstandingness, without pre communicate, by submitting such revised conditions & terms on the website. It's your responsibility to check these conditions & terms time to time & keep visiting our site in case of any change in our privacy policy and you must comply all of them.

www.onlinesupercross.net forms no demand to property interest or ownership in any software it recommends. We don't re-sell or license. The software downloaded from other sites.

No Consign Of Membership

Your membership may not be transferred or skeptical. Distributing or sharing passwords or usernames will result an instant ending of service. The content on this website is for non-mercantile, private use only. All other uses are forbidden.


You agree that www.onlinesupercross.net, in its sole outstandingness, may rescind your account, password, & ID (or any section) or use service without including limitation for any reason; www.onlinesupercross.net may discontinue the service at any time with or without notice if you violated or acted inconsistently with the agreement. You agree that any cessation of your right to the Service under any section of this Agreement may be terminated without pre declaration, accept & agree that www.onlinesupercross.net may instantly terminate or deactivate your ID & any further access to the Service. Cessation will not release & will not be responsible to pay you accrued charges.

Warranties Disclaimers


Restriction of LIABILITY

Here you must AGREE and comply our Restriction of LIABILITY, which indicates that our company will not be responsible for any appropriate, particular or momentous issues indemnification of income or revenues by any other additional stuff which has been taking place during this agreement. Furthermore, our accumulate LIABILITY is taking place with honor to this agreement, the services will not surpass entire amount paid by you beneath our agreement.

Principal of governing and legislation

Our MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) required mutual commitment of parties, here by

Our MoU need mutual commitment of each party:

1: Any cause of altercation, like append but not partial to any differ, allegation, counter-claim, contention or any other act which might be arising in MoU, will be challenged in the central government's court. Instantly in this manner, beyond any doubt and categorically will be attorn and capitulate to the same court.

2: You must comply our policies, not to stand out against any act that are arising on basis of forum non convenience or some other additional causes.

3: Do not conflict with the necessity of law, or challenge it any other legislation authority, if any rule appropriately actualize through the same court will be excogitate by this clause.


3: In case of failing to comply any aspect of clause in this section, will become a cause of renunciation from all droits of clause and will not be authorized for further droits given under. We are not affiliated with any broadcasting and we didn't claim of affiliation, we just promote channels without breaking its privacy policy. If you'll find any Cock-And-Bull or illogical part in this agreement, then that part will be finite or limited to the least circumflex, on the other hand this agreement will remain applicable and imposable for sure.

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on zeeshsoft.com for any reason at the day of purchasing. Maybe your PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements; maybe you bought the software or service by mistake OR you were looking something else similar ; maybe you played the title for an half hour and just didn't like it. If the service is used more than 1hour then the refund will be partial. But even if you fall outside of the refund rules we've described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we'll take a look

You will be issued a full or partial refund of your purchase within a week of approval. You will receive the refund in your Bank or Credit Card account. for any reason, Zeeshsoft is unable to issue a refund via your initial payment method the customer will be notified from Zeeshsoft.. If user subscribe to the service from ACH or E-Payment user will not get refund according the bank policy because we accept ACH and E-payment manually as the user don't have any other option to pay.

Where Refunds Apply

The Zeeshsoft refund offer, within two weeks of purchase and with less than half hour of playtime, applies to streaming service and software applications on the Zeeshsoft s. Here is an overview of how refunds work with other types of purchases.

Refunds on Downloadable Content (Zeeshsoft store content usable within streaming services or software application,)

Software or Service purchased from the Zeeshsoft store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than half hours since the purchased date, so long as the DATA has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Zeeshsoft will give full refund to the customers at any stage if user has not get the software and services. Also Zeeshsoft will not give any refund to the user who has user our service or software more than month regularly.

Refunds on Pre-Purchased Services.

When you pre-purchase a event on Zeeshsoft (and have paid for the event in advance), you can request a refund at any time prior before starting of that event. The standard 14-day/half-hour refund period also applies, starting on the game's release date. Example if the event is after two weeks and user purchased the streaming service in advance in this case user can get full refund within two weeks before the event start.

Zeeshsoft Hardware

Within thirty (30) days after delivery, you may request a refund for Zeeshsoft hardware purchased via Zeeshsoft for any reason. You must ship the Zeeshsoft hardware back to us within fourteen (14) days after requesting the refund, following the instructions we provide you. You will have to pay for return shipping costs. For a full year after delivery, a Limited Warranty as it applies to your purchase.

Fraud Payments

If we receive any request on fraud payments we will refund the complete payment and cancel the user account. Our system also rejects payment if it detects some fishy in payments. We track users through IP and mobile confirmation before payments.

Movies and Recorded Streaming

We are unable to offer refunds for movies and recorded streaming on Zeeshsoft.


If the user use abuse language with our support team his account will be temporary suspended without any refund for 14days. How to Request a Refund You can request a refund or get other assistance with your Zeeshsoft purchases at info@zeeshsoft.com , supportdesk24.com and also by calling directly to us. Refund option also shows in user panel and they can ask for refund with our live chat representative