Supercross 2019 Winners Predictions & Discussion

Supercross 2019 Winners Predictions and Discussion

Supercross 2019 Winners Predictions & Discussion

Supercross 2019 Winners Predictions and Discussion

This year Monster Energy Supercross 2019 comes with many new big changes which will be visible to all fans and riders. New riders will get the chance to try their luck with the help of manufacturers, and many individual riders will get this opportunity to ride with professional for some time.

In 2018 we divided the contestants into various ranks, so let’s do it again and predict about Supercross 2019 season, which will begin on 5th January at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Supercross 2019 Winners Predictions and Discussion

Rank 1: Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin

A year ago the best-ranked player was Tomac, Musquin, Roczen. They hoped to have a close bolt on podiums for the year because all three endured injuries in 2019

Anderson moved forward to win the title when his opponent wavered. Being the recurring winner absolutely secure you a place in our top level, the motive of Anderson to rehash in 2019 utilizing a similar procedure of stability.

The Tomac is having some fantastic luck. He was conquered the Nationals 2018 and has won the million dollars in the Monster Energy Cup. Last year Tomac completed the third position in Supercross series, he still won 8 rounds out of the seventeen rounds. Tomac has set the best track record, and he is definitely a favorite for the 2019 title.

Both Musquin and Anderson will try to win this championship. In Houston round two the Musquin was injured and unable to come to the platform until round 6 at San Diego.

Following two years of weakening wounds, Roczen is incredibly obscure. Without doubt Roczen is a fast rider, however, in two year’s record, he has not succeeded in the past 5 rounds without any injury. In the 2018 year, he has not won the Supercross main event. His both arms were damaged, and no one gave the proof of that, last year Roczen sit back and watch, however, you can't exclude him.

Rank 2: Cole Seely, Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia

All three riders did not win the main event last year. Baggett is one of them who has not won any one event, however, definitely was a risk to get the big step. But still all you can see them in many races. Last year in Supercross, all three riders had high and low points and are searching to remove the awful memories.

In the mid of the 2018 season, damage finished Seely's battle. In this way, Seely grabbed a platform and completed 4th place in 7 rounds. Previously, he has won the main event, and he can do it once more.

A very late lift up for Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing, Barcia was the wonder of 2018. In the first four rounds, he grabbed three platforms as previously he has missed seven rounds because of damage. In the past, Barcia won the main event and is proficient on the right night of receiving on the best step.

Last year, Baggett kept away from Main-missing injuries. However, he was a streaky rider. In the initial four rounds, he could not improve than ninth and after that Baggett completed three podiums. Later on, he has played without a podium for seven rounds, by completing the year with a couple of 3rd places. Baggett will search for upside consistency in the Monster Energy Supercross Championship Series 2019

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