Triple Crown Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2022 Riders

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Riders

Triple Crown Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2022 Riders

Triple Crown Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2022 Riders

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Introduce 2022 Rider Lineup

AMA Supercross is the most favorite, most awaited and most watched event in Sports World’s. Historic event is soon to be take place on 8th January 2022 at the world of modern Supercross Anaheim. Fans are looking forward for thrilling adventurous game of the season, as Monster Energy AMA Supercross is high rated off-road dirt game. Racing Bike lovers can’t get enough to watch live Supercross 2022 because its world of dirt bikes and these racing bikes are made of worth millions. World’s high profile players are ready to decent on the dirt track map to show their astounding racing skills. Here we are sharing the details of AMA Supercross players 2022, and player’s numbers as well.


How do Supercross Riders get their Carrier Numbers and National Numbers?

Monster Energy Supercross riders who won National Supercross Championship are eligible to claim single digit career number, while the top 10 Supercross Riders can own permanent numbers.

Who is Racing Supercross 2022?

2022 AMA SX and MX Numbers

Rider Name Rider Carrer Number  Rider Name Rider Carrer Number 
Cooper Webb 1 — 450SX  Justin Barcia 51*
Dylan Ferrandis 1 — 450MX Kyle Peters 52
Jett Lawrence 1 — 250MX  Martin Davalos 53
Justin Cooper 1W Mitchell Oldenburg 54
Colt Nichols 1E Justin Rodbell 55
Cooper Webb 2* Joshua Osby 56
Eli Tomac 3* Kevin Moranz 57
Jeremy Martin 6* Ryan Surratt 58
Aaron Plessinger 7* Levi Kitchen 59
 Adam Cianciarulo 9* Thomas Do 60
Justin Brayton 10* Fredrik Noren 61
Kyle Chisholm 11*  Vince Friese 62
 Shane McElrath 12* Jeremy Hand 63
Dylan Ferrandis 14* Mitchell Harrison 64
Dean Wilson 15* Grant Harlan 65
 Zach Osborne 16* Chris Blose 66
Joey Savatgy 17* Logan Karnow 67
Jett Lawrence 18**  Preston Kilroy 68
 Justin Bogle 19* Robbie Wageman 69
Broc Tickle 20*  Ramyller Alves 70
Jason Anderson 21* Ben LaMay 71
Chad Reed 22*  John Short 72
Chase Sexton 23* Benny Bloss 73
RJ Hampshire 24* Derek Kelley 74
 Marvin Musquin 25* Luke Neese 75
Alex Martin 26* Devin Simonson 76
Malcolm Stewart 27* Cedric Soubeyras 77
Christian Craig 28 Cade Clason 78
 Michael Mosiman 29 Hunter Schlosser 79
 Jo Shimoda 30** Enzo Lopes 80
 Jalek Swoll 31 Jace Owen 81
 Justin Cooper 32* Chris Canning 82
Austin Forkner 33  Tyler Bowers 83
Max Anstie 34 Scott Meshey 84
Garrett Marchbanks 35 Hunter Sayles 85
Maximus Vohland 36 Wilson Fleming 86
Coty Schock 37 Alex Ray 87
Joshua Varize 38 Jacob Runkles 88
Jarrett Frye 39 Lane Shaw 89
Dilan Schwartz 40 Jordon Smith 90
Brandon Hartranft 41 Brandon Scharer 91
Ty Masterpool 42 Jace Kessler 92
Carson Mumford 43 Tyler Stepek 93
Pierce Brown 44  Ken Roczen 94* 
Colt Nichols 45** Justin Starling 95
Justin Hill 46* Hunter Lawrence 96**
Seth Hammaker 47 Jerry Robin 97
Cameron McAdoo 48 Dominique Thury 98
Nate Thrasher 49 RJ Wageman 99
 Stilez Robertson 50    

Who is Cooper Webb riding for in 2022?

Cooper’s fans definitely knows that he sign in with Red Bull KTM hark back in 2019 and they again renew the contract for 2 more years 2022 and 2023. KTM rebuilt their 450 SX-F.



What bikes are used in Supercross?

Top 5 Bike Manufacturers assembling bikes with so much care and process of love for Supercross Races. These astounding bike assemblers sign contracts with high profile players who can deal with these high professional bikes built with custom components. These dirt bikes usually cost around more than $80,000. Name of top 5 Bike companies who manufacture bikes for AMA Supercross are as under:

1: Yamaha

2: Kawasaki

3: Honda

4: Suzuki



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