Watch Dakar Rally Calama Stage 10 Online

Watch Dakar Rally Calama stage 10 Online

Watch Dakar Rally Calama Stage 10 Online

Watch Dakar Rally Calama stage 10 Online at Salta 891km On 14/1/2015

Dakar Rally Calama stage 10

Watch the big event 2015 Dakar Rally live on 4th January and it will be continue till 17th January 2015.This event is held in three different countries such as Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. In this 2015 Dakar Rally all drivers compete for 15 stages with total distance of over 8,500 kilometers. All drivers will need to complete all stages with stamina and willpower. The Dakar checks all challengers and their cars in excessive stamina. In marathon stages racers can’t take any help of teams, all will manage independently their mechanics. This year cars and trucks also take part in this competition and it will create more hazards.

Route for the 2015 Dakar Rally:
Stage 1 – January 4th – Buenos Aires to Villa Carlos Paz – 838km total – 175km special
Stage 2 – January 5th – Villa Carlos Paz to San Juan – 625km total –  518km special
Stage 3 – January 6th – San Juan to Chilecito 657km total –  220km special
Stage 4 – January 7th – Chilecito to Copiapó 909km total –  315km special
Stage 5 – January 8th – Copiapó to Antofagasta 697km total –  458km special
Stage 6 – January 9th – Antofagasta to Iquique 688km total –  319km special
Rest day – January 10th -Iquique
Stage 7 – January 11th – Iquique to Uyuni (*) 717km total –  321km special
Stage 8 – January 12th – Uyuni to Iquique 805km total –  781km special
Stage 9 – January 13th – Iquique to Calama 539km total –  451km special
Stage 10 – January 14th – Calama to Salta (*) 891km total –  371km special
Stage 11 – January 15th – Salta to Termas Río Hondo 512km total –  351km special
Stage 12 – January 16th – Termas Río Hondo to Rosario 1024km total –  298km special
Stage 13 – January 17th – Rosario to Buenos Aires 393km total –  174km special

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